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Templates and artwork specifications for your packaging of choice

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At MJK Disc Productions we believe that you want to focus on what is important to the success of your business development and marketing.

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CD production DVD production Shaped CD 's Packaging  
CD Duplication & CD Replication is used for reproducing CD 's and CD-ROM discs.
The number of copies you need is determines which process will be used:
  • CD-R : a ‘burning’-process is used for limited quantities (below 300 units).
  • CD-ROM : for medium to large quantities, we use a 'pressing'-process.
DVD duplication & DVD replication are the processes for copying DVD 's.
The reproduction of DVD ’s including the mastering, the conversion of MPEG , AVI , MP3 and other standards is what we can do for you. Depending upon your quantities we will use:
  • DVD-R : a ‘burning’-process is used for limited quantities (below 300 units).
  • DVD : for medium to large quantities, we use a 'pressing'-process.

Shaped CD 's enhance your business or your organization by creating a unique form of communication.
Shaped CD 's can be created to have pictures on them, a video cllip showing you giving an introduction, an audio message, or even charts and graphs for a presentation.


Packaging of CD 's and DVD 's consists of both the artwork for booklets, bottomcards and optical discs and their ‘housing’ .
Printing varies from simple one-color CD printing, with no extras, to full color (up to five) prints.
You'll find all the technical information needed for realizing a dizzling project.
Let us know how we can help you even better.
CD , DVD and Shaped CD Reproduction
MJK Disc Productions has been specialized in optical disc reproductions for more than 10 years.

DVD 's have recently completed our offer. We provide high quality CD and DVD duplication and replication.
We can either make identical copies of your master disc or help you developing your application, artwork and implementation strategy.

We will be glad to send you a very competitive quote, matching your requirements.

MJK Disc Productions is a business unit of MJK Productions bvba. (VAT: BE 0838.171.852)
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CD-R 's and housing components are available in various types ranging from 10 boxes (incl. jewel box) to 25 cake boxes or 100 bulk packages.
The discs are either blank or ready for printing. All Standard packaging options available: jewel boxes, paper and plastic sleeves, etc...

If you want to produce compact discs yourself, we can offer state-of-the-art hardware equipment ranging from single optical disc burners to a combination of robotized writer/printer devices. We
Please contact us in order to identify which solutions suits your production requirements best.


Software applications, databases, catalogues, WebCD ‘s, photo albums are examples of what we can develop for you.
Discover the benefits and the wide range of applications for which you can deploy
CD or DVD -based applications
We offer special promotions on a regular basis.
These duplication and replication special offers are based upon specific market conditions.
Discover our current promotions for small and medium quantities.
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